Please Help Nory Locum, a Small Armenian Business, to Survive and Thrive during these Difficult Times

In 2010, I wrote about Nory Locum, a once-thriving candy-making company in CA, owned and operated by Armand Sahakian. To reciprocate, Armand shared his mother’s treasured recipe for St. Sarkis Halva with The Armenian Kitchen. During that time I fell in love with his delicious candies, ordering numerous boxes -over the years – to share with family and friends.

Just as countless small businesses all over the globe are dealing with loss and the real possibility of closing forever, Nory Locum, may be facing the same fate – unless we can help.

I just read a story about Armand on Dining in the Diaspora urging people to help keep the Sahakian’s business afloat by either contributing to their fundraiser or by ordering their products.

To contribute to their fundraiser, click here.

To purchase Nory Locum products, click here. (Products are shipped within the US.)

Armand Sahakian, owner of Nory Locum.

In my effort to help, I chose to order my favorite locum(s) and California pistachio nuts. I then felt the need to get the word out to anyone else who could possibly help.

If you can, please support Armand Sahakian, his family and Nory Locum so that they may survive and thrive during these difficult times.

Many Thanks!

Robyn from The Armenian

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