In Defense of Zadigi Kahke

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, no doubt about it. But I was truly surprised by the negative comments about the Zadigi Kahke recipe.

Zadigi Kahke prepared by
Robyn in The Armenian Kitchen

After having carefully studied the original cookbook recipe (ingredients and procedures), and having had my questions about the recipe answered in a personal consultation with the “Armenian Cuisine” cookbook authors, I was ready to bake. Realizing the amount of flour listed in their cookbook was incorrect, one of the authors warned me as to avoid a baking disaster (it’s 6 cups of flour rather than the 2 2/3 cups mentioned in the cookbook). I corrected the flour amount which, in an earlier post, had the incorrect amount, then I made certain the new post had the correct measurements listed, too. (If you own the”Armenian Cuisine” cookbook, you’ll have to hand-correct the amount of flour yourself!)

I stated in the more recent blog that even though shaping the dough was a bit tricky, I successfully made an enormous batch of cookies using my own technique (also described in the story).  At the end, I included my comments and evaluation to provide guidance.

Perhaps the entire story wasn’t read before those comments were submitted, I can’t be sure. But what I do know is, with patience, this recipe does work, and the end product is pretty tasty, too!

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